Sunday, September 28, 2014

Time for a meltdown #2

We have been muddling through daily seizures numbering 3-4 on average despite the rising dose of cannabis.

Tomorrow we see the neurologist. I had so hoped to surprise her with a transformed C. to show off a few new skills, to boast of a dramatic drop in seizures.

Now, I just hope the doctor doesn't try to persuade us that the stuff isn't working and to abandon it. Because I'm certainly not ready for that. Help

I did manage to try teaching C, a new sign: She's meant to place her hand on the cup of water, which I position right near her hand, in order to signal to me that she wants to drink. I've had what would, for C., be termed success as this photo demonstrates.

But with all the other disheartening news this achievement hasn't been uplifting.

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