Sunday, September 28, 2014

Time for a meltdown #1

C in a hydro session
Last week's parent/teachers meeting was a disheartening experience, the Hubby reported. (I played  hooky for the, second consecutive year - spared myself the aggravation.) He learned, for instance, that "due to a shortage of funds" the school will remain with only one working elevator. The powers-that-be have no plans to repair the second elevator. So the over-100 children and young adults with severe disabilities, along with the laundry, food and sundry carts, will continue to wait for and squeeze into a single elevator. Help.

The Hubby also learned that the children will be receiving only one hydrotherapy session per week. The new, large, state-of-the-art  therapy swimming pool constructed four years ago to replace a small, modest one and at the cost of  a fortune in donations has been turned into an enterprise: it is open to the paying public for half of each day.

While it was under construction for over a year, the children received no hydrotherapy at all because the old one was demolished before the new one was completed. But the CEO of the school assured everybody that soon all would be hunky dory and the children would enjoy frequent access to the most beneficial therapy there is for them. And if anybody doubted that fact, the school's website devotes a full page to singing hydrotherapy's praises.

But now, the two therapies per week allowance - which was no great luxury either - that everybody was receiving have been halved.  Help

C. receives three hydro sessions a week. This perk relates back to several years ago when she had a superb teacher  - the only one ever - who requested a third session for her because it was the only therapy that she responded to. When that teacher was forced to retire, the school attempted to reduce C. to two sessions per week. So I did the difficult-demanding-mother-thing and won a reprieve.

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