Monday, August 4, 2014

Kudos for Quentin!

Angelo on a tightrope (Quentin Blake)

It was uplifting to read that Quentin Blake, a favorite children's book author and illustrator of ours, has written a book featuring several children with disabilities. It will be released in September.

We are huge fans of Blake's gems, e.g. Mrs. Armitage on Wheels, The Boy Who Sprouted Antlers, Patrick, those Roald Dahl novels that he illustrated, and our all time favorite: Angelo. All my children, and now their children, have have heard me read it countless time, as this photo attests.

Entitled "The Five of Us", the book  tells the story of five friends, “each of whom has an unusual ability”, who save the day after disaster strikes on a day out in the countryside.

“I have put some children with disabilities into my books on the margin,” he told The Independent. “And then two or three years ago, I thought: why can’t they be the main characters?”

This book is bound to boost acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities immeasurably and I can't wait to purchase a copy. (While I'm at it, a fresh copy of Angelo would probably be a good idea, too.)

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