Monday, August 4, 2014

Cannabis update

We're up to three drops, three times per day. Still no benefits other than lots of hope.


Elizabeth said...

What ratio of cannabis to THC do you have and how many mgs of cannabis is in it? When we first began giving it to Sophie, I got a product that had a 1:1 ratio, and it did nothing for her. The next ratio we tried was 14:1, and we some effect but not much. We have found that the 28:1 ratio works the best for Sophie.

The Sound of the Silent said...

I appreciate your input so much, Elizabeth.

But first, that photo of Sophie exploring your hair was precious. It reminded me of the time you snapped her with both hands delicately clasping her brother's face while she locks eyes with his.

These gems have gotten me dreaming of interaction like that from C. - it wasn't even on my wish list until now.

Today we add one more drop/day of cannabis and remain at 10 drops/day for 2 weeks. Then, if no adverse reactions, we raise it again, drastically (details from the advising nurse to follow)

Here is the only information I have regarding the composition of our cannabis oil:
THC 0.76% and CBD 4.9%.

Does that help? I can email the nurse for more information, if necessary.

Elizabeth said...

I don't understand that ratio -- .76% and 4.9%? Is that a 6:1 ratio? Charlotte's Web is 30:1, if that gives you any idea of what's working for most of these people with refractory epilepsy. And how much is one drop?

Do you have Facebook? If so, you could request to join the Hope and Healing page for Colorado -- a closed group that Heather Barnes Jackson of Realm of Caring Colorado runs. She knows EVERYTHING about CBD and there are a lot of threads on there that could be helpful. The other closed group on FB is Pediatric Cannabis Therapy -- lots of information and lots of drama, but you can weed out (no pun intended!) out what you don't care about and find a lot of help there.