Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday morning blues

The disappointments have been piling up fast and thick this morning. So while they are relatively minor ones, the cumulative effect on the mood hasn't been too good.

First, there was the teacher's call just 15 minutes before we leave the house to say that C.'s hydro-therapy session has been cancelled. Now that's twice in a week. And the reason has been the same both times: Several staff members had a family celebration to attend. Which left them short-staffed. Which meant C. got bumped. No kidding. Honest to goodness. They didn't even offer a cover-up lie. Didn't bother to hire substitute therapists. And clearly weren't even tinged with compunction. Note: Hydro-therapy is the single school activity that has ever benefited her. 

A few minutes later, an email arrived from C.'s neurologist. She was responding to our email about cannabis. At our last visit, she had assured us that after attending a national meeting of doctors administering cannabis to epileptics, she would have more information to share. (Here's my original post on the subject.)

Well, what she learned was disheartening. Cannabis is currently approved by the Ministry of Health only for children under 18. The neurologist predicts that applying for approval as an adult will be fruitless. (C.'s nineteenth birthday was only five weeks ago.) We'll put up a fight, of course. But with our track record in confronting the system, chances of a victory are slim to nil.

For the icing on this layered cake of  disappointments: The seating expert told me today that the wheelchair equipment which we thought might be in our possession by today has been sold in the interim to another customer. The supplier orders them one or two at a time, so we now await the arrival of the new "batch". It will be several weeks at the very least. Until then, C. will be continue to sit in her ill-adapted insert and I will continue to simmer.

Any advice on acquiring medical cannabis oil will be very welcome.

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Elizabeth said...

I don't know the rules of where you live, but my advise is to figure out how to get the stuff and give it to her. Email me if you have more questions --