Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cannabis here we come

Elizabeth Aquino's articulate talk at the 4th Biennial Epilepsy Pipeline Conference 2014 resonated strongly with us. We have just begun what I anticipate will be a long, uphill battle to win government approval for medicinal cannabis. Elizabeth's account of her daughter Sophie's dramatic improvement thanks to this new treatment further inspired us to tackle the awaiting bureaucratic red tape.

As I've mentioned, I first learned, just 2 weeks ago, from Elizabeth's blog that cannabis has been successful in treating epilepsy. The parallels between our two girls are striking. While Sophie walks independently and C. does not, they are both nineteen, both in diapers, both non-verbal and both ceased smiling years ago as a result of their seizures. To hear from Elizabeth that one of Sophie's "side effects" from the cannabis was to smile again after ten years was a major morale boost.

C. in the hydrotherapy pool this morning
Now here's an update regarding our quest for cannabis.

There are definitely some pigs flying around up there. After leaving voice and fax messages at the Health Ministry, we were contacted not once, not twice, but four times by various employees. Three of them only gave a phone number to call for cannabis information but one of them actually graciously provided - without my even requesting them - detailed instructions on the procedure for obtaining cannabis authorization.

The first step is to have the treating neurologist submit a form available on the ministry's site. Tonight we will email our doctor asking her to do that. Just hope she agrees to.

And more confirmation of my flying pig theory: C.'s hydrotherapy session wasn't cancelled today!! Here she is floating unassisted just a few hours ago.

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Elizabeth said...

Thank you for your kind words and for your support. I will hope for relief for your beautiful girl very soon.