Thursday, May 15, 2014

Edging closer to that Great Seat

Trying out the new wheelchair inserts
Yesterday we were invited by Seating Expert E. to the physiotherapy room at C.'s school.

C. tried out each of the three wheelchair inserts that are under consideration. They were all dramatic improvements on her current set up. The hubby and I, with our laymen's eyes, couldn't pick the winner and even E. found it a close contest. She promised that the one she eventually chose will be delivered to us in two weeks.

Our excitement over C.'s state-of-the-art equipment is tempered by the knowledge that she has been seated so abysmally until now. That was thanks to Physiotherapist S. Until this year the school entrusted her, and her alone, with the task of determining every wheelchair-bound child's seating needs.

Now S. was clearly no seating expert. She certainly knew that, and the school may have known. In any case, she was happy to wing it with a mix of guesswork, bungling and heaps of nastiness. I mean who was going to call her to account? The suffering children? We, the clueless parents?

This year, at long last, the administration hired E. - for only 6 hours/week - to repair the havoc that S. wreaked.

While the hubby was in the physiotherapy room with C., he received a call from a friend and told her that C. was being properly seated at long last after years of neglect. On hanging up, he noticed  that S., the bungler, had been standing within easy earshot.

Regrets? None at all.

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