Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Along with all the school children here, C. returned to class today.

Predictably, when we arrived, all 7 pupils in the class were engaged in utter inactivity while the three aides present chatted with one another. I was told that the teacher was at a meeting with somebody in the "pedagogic room", which apparently injects her absence with significant weight.

I noticed that once C. was seated in her pusher to leave for school, she became  jittery and tilted her head stiffly to the left.

At the risk of sounding wildly presumptuous, I'm inclined to see that as a  reflection of her state of mind. C. is telling us how much she enjoyed being home for the last 3 weeks and regrets the vacation's end. .

Here below is the impressive braid I mentioned in a recent post.

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