Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Anonymity wins

A repeated source of friction between the hubby and me, has been the anonymity of this blog. I've been chomping at the bit to go public with names and unblurred photos. He is adamant that such a move is foolhardy.

After reading this final post at the Little Wonders blog, I'd like to publicly declare hubby the winner of this - often heated - argument:

Here is the reason Zoey's mom ended her blog after six years:
"...First and foremost, I need to protect my family. And four years ago, when I went to comment moderation, I thought I had made steps to somewhat ensure that. In the end, that wasn't enough. Truth of the matter is, the only way I could have protected them all would have been to be anonymous in the beginning. Bit late for that I'd say. So the long and short of it is this....
I cannot tell you the the number of emails that found their way to me, to ask me questions, advice or just simply thank me, for sharing Zoey's story. The communities that we have joined, reach far beyond the Down syndrome community. Far beyond. Knowledge I had garnered through all of Zoey's obstacles, allowed me to help other families. And that, in many moments, gave me a measure of peace and perhaps purpose...
The bottom line is that we have continued to receive many nasty and cruel comments. And we believe from the same source. The continuity of the writing. The phrasing. The style. The personal use of our names etc. Everything points to the same individual. And what we also know, with a high level of certainty, it is someone who knows us. Their comments have contained information that only a person who knows us, would be able to write. I knew that 4 years ago and after this last comment, I know this today. And the person who has written them, knows all too well that I have comment moderation. Which means, nothing gets published without coming through me first. And they want me to see it. Their intent is to be cruel and hit me where it hurts and they have done just that. Have they won? Nope. Not necessarily. But I am done. I truly am." [From a July 28, 2013 post on the Little Wonders blog, entitled "This will be my final post to this blog..."]

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