Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tweaking and experimenting

An update on my daughter C.

She just had her last dose of augmentin last night. She still coughs very occasionally but nothing to write home about.

At last week's multi-departmental annual assessment at C.'s special-needs school, the neurologist assured me the dosages of C.'s anti-epileptic drugs were already "respectable". But since her weight and height have risen in the last couple of years, she is obviously less medicated now.

And with her seizures at about 4-6 per day, I figure it can't hurt to tweak and experiment a bit at this point.

So I made an appointment with our pediatric neurologist who hasn't seen C. in about 3 years. And now that indomitable (and delusional?) hope that something new might help her is resurfacing.

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