Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back in the pool

We were thrilled that C.'s  hydrotherapy resumed on Sunday - her first session in  two weeks. 

First she'd been out of action due to pneumonia. Then the pool was out of action due to repairs. The pool - large, state-of-the-art - was just completed two years ago but the kids received no hydro throughout the year of construction. (That's because the old pool was destroyed when construction began - kids needs are rarely taken into account.) Given all that, it is infuriating that this was the second time that the new one was shut for extensive repairs.

Then the hydrotherapist informed me that one of C.'s three sessions this week would be cancelled because the therapist had a doctor's appointment. This therapist - who runs the entire hydro department - has cancelled quite a few sessions already this year. She seems to "take sick" for entire weeks at a time, particularly before holidays or long weekends. The school never hires a substitute for her. Hydrotherapy is the only therapy at school that has advanced C. 

Result: I'm steaming mad with nobody to vent to - other than poor hubby and kids.

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