Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A bright spot

A few weeks ago I was blown away by C.'s hydrotherapist. She greeted me with "I've got something amazing to tell you about C."

Any news that C.'s other therapists, teacher and aides ever share with me is either irrelevant or negative: "She made a huge bowel motion today." "Have you noticed that new pressure sore on her back?" "She had a couple of big seizures today." "She was really tired today and didn't walk nicely."

The hydrotherapist told me that C. had not only been floating on her back unassisted, kicking her legs a bit but she was now moving one of her arms as well.

"Really swimming," she concluded, and she sounded as thrilled as I was.

The therapist even made a DVD of C.'s feat and gave me a copy from which I've taken the accompanying photo.

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