Tuesday, January 16, 2018

That pot of gold

C. gets hydrotherapy
I was thrilled with C.'s hydro session this week where she surpassed last week's performance. Here she is floating unaided (over on the right).

Her walking has also been advancing. Still nothing like what it was pre-liver saga but better than it has been since her liver recovered.

She's actually sturdily on her feet cooperating slightly while I move her legs. We do this for 45 minutes every night. It's so strenuous that Ive apparently injured my left hand in some way. For the last week, I've been waking up after about five hours of sleep with numbness and pain in my left fingers.

I unearthed a hand brace which I bought many years ago. (That's no mean feat in my chaotic household.) The exercises I was doing back then with C. triggered similar symptoms in the same hand.

Me walking C. today
I've now been wearing it during the walking and while I sleep for a couple of days with amazing results.

UPDATE: I wrote all that a few days ago but things aren't looking so rosy now. We get periods of intense and repeated seizures for which I give either Advil or 20 drops of Cannabis THC, or both. We're also treated periodically to those tiny eye seizures that lock her trembling eyeballs into the left side. The latter aren't as visually alarming as the whoppers but they're still very disconcerting. Needless to say, she doesn't function at her peak while in their grip which can be for over an hour.

We're at the same 25 drops of Cannabis CBD, three times a day, 3 drops of Cannabis THC three times a day, 1,500 mg. of Keppra twice a day and 100 mg of Vimpat twice a day. Still haven't learned if and how we can buy that CBDA. So, for now, I am at a loss as to what changes to make.

That pot of gold - seizure control - seems more elusive than ever.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to hear that it's difficult to find CBDA. I know of people actually making it themselves because of inaccessibility here in the states. Keep me posted. I hope C is okay.