Saturday, November 11, 2017

Stuck in status - Part 1

Written Wednesday night, November 8 (but posted on November 11)

I have just spent three hours getting a meal into C. She takes forever to swallow the smallest mouthful. Throughout, she was having small seizures that affected her face. (That grimace in the photo is relatively new to us.) Now have put her to bed but she has begun to have really hard seizures affecting her entire body, and every five minutes or so. I am at a loss.

She had a fever a few hours ago so I gave her Advil followed by Cannabis THC and the hard seizures subsided. But now they've resumed and without any fever.

I am loathe to give her another round of THC only four hours after the last. Haven't touched the rectal Diazepam - wary of it.

Tomorrow we have an appointment with C.'s neurologist but still must get through this night. I often wonder what I did to deserve this.

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