Thursday, July 7, 2016

Medical cannabis update

I just learned from the ministry of health that we have been issued a "newer new" medical license. This one authorizes 60mg per kg per day, up from 40. Perhaps this news is related to our email to the ministry's complaints department pleading for a speedy response, perhaps not. Who cares? We can now proceed with raising C.'s dosage in our pursuit of better seizure control. Hurray!


Elizabeth said...

Finally you get a break! I've been reading here and not commenting -- I feel so bad that you've gone through so much. I'm thinking of you, sending you strength and continued courage.

The Sound of the Silent said...

Elizabeth, thank you so much for constant support and commiseration. I too have been reading your posts and not responding other than in my mind. But I have so much to say.
For instance, how in the world did your heroic son jump over the door to move Sophie away from it? (You see, I've never been in a house where the doors don't touch the door frame and can't envisage them otherwise).
And as one who is already living in an empty nest, let me assure you: your kids, even as independent adults, will remain close to you. Empathetic and caring souls that they are, there's no way they would ever distance themselves from you.
That's not to say the change is easy. My youngest child - that is, other than C. - moved out a year ago and I still miss having her around the house.
And I'll be posting my comment to your latest blog entry in its proper place.