Friday, March 4, 2016

Solving puzzles in the dark

C., knocked out from the latest round
of seizures today
Well, it was a partial false alarm. That is, the platelet aspect of it.

For some reason, the blood test results yesterday were perfectly normal (105 k/UL), only one day after being horrific (57 k/UL).

But the liver profiles were bad and the pediatrician was convinced that the neurologist would replace the Valproic Acid post-haste with some other anti-epileptic.

But our neurologist emailed us to make an appointment to see her (that will be light years away) and in the meantime to leave everything as is. Whew. That was a relief. The last thing I want now is to dabble with some new potent drug and its inevitable side effects.

C. has been having at least one series of intense seizures every day lasting up to 10 minutes each. Could it be still the Propranolol which we haven't given her for three days? Or does it mean that the Propranolol is definitely not the culprit and that we should consider experimenting with it again?

One thing is certain: nobody can answer these questions definitively. And so we continue our groping in the dark.

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