Friday, January 22, 2016

Mid-year report card: Straight F's

We presumed that C. would enjoy at the very least a stable, predictable final six months of education. Well, we presumed wrong. Her school is in a financial crisis which is wreaking havoc.

Readers, you know how I've been complaining about the meager therapy offerings? Well, this week they were slashed  by 40%!

The number of aides will also soon be cut so grim  best describes the new reality.

The administration is assuring parents and staff that this is temporary and that come September when the school's official category will switch from "privately funded" (i.e. from overseas donors) to "government funded", everything will return to rosy. (Of course, if we're already talking colors, this school was always closer to blackish  than rosy but that's history now.)

We won't be around to enjoy the promised perks so we are just  bracing ourselves for the tough times ahead. And trying not to  think about what lies beyond that: C.'s post-schooling life.*

*Yesterday, the Hubby, along with the school social worker and two other parents visited one of the three day care centers available from September from the "graduates" and discovered that the staff/child ratio was 1/12!! So now we're down to two options.

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