Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Prisoner rehab redux

It felt like flogging a dead horse. Nevertheless, after my recent rebuff from  the Ministry of Social Welfare regarding that deplorable prisoner rehabilitation program*, I pursued the spokeswoman yet again. Here's what I wrote:

Thank you for your answer..
Do you have a further response in light of the following facts:
- No such program exists in this country involving children without disabilities.
- As far as I and other researchers of the topic know, no such program exists in any other developed country in the world.
And yesterday I got this response:
The Ministry of Social Welfare is not aware of all the programs that exist either in this country or in the world, and we therefore have no way of answering your questions.
Now, with this, I believe these guys have dug their own graves. I mean, they aren't aware of programs like this, programs affecting the welfare of their charges, even in their own jurisdiction??

And they couldn't bother to inquire, to investigate the issue??

I intend to publicize their response up the wazoo in these parts. I'm hoping others with be as enraged as I and my Hubby are.

* Background: Some 30 prisoners are released from prison three times a week and bused to our largest institution for children and adults with the severest of disabilities, physical and cognitive. They spend several hours interacting, one on one, with 30 of the male residents.

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