Wednesday, September 9, 2015

C.'s new look: A fishtail braid and two stitches

Last year, one school aide would occasionally braid C.'s hair this way.  It never failed to impress me and I was convinced it was a feat way beyond my coiffing capabilities.

But, last night I finally Googled "braids" and found these clear for-idiots instructions plus diagrams for it. I also learned it has a name: The Fishtail Braid...

Here is the result of my very first attempt.

C. was resistant at first, as she always is whenever I do her hair, but eventually resigned herself to the process. Note: this braid is easy to make but took me twice as long as a standard one.

Today, my braid conquest was overshadowed by this:

I was walking C. at home, MEDEK-style, when she suddenly doubled over in a seizure and suffered a cut above her mouth. It looked small and the Hubby and I were tempted to just clean and bandage it ourselves.  But it bled pretty copiously and I didn't want C.'s pretty face to be scarred so we trekked to our health fund's main offices. There, a surgeon told us that it was actually a very deep gash warranting two stitches.

Moral: Never judge a cut by its appearance.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, these injuries to our girls upset me more than the seizures themselves. There is something so awful about them -- so beyond beyond. I hope she heals quickly!

The Sound of the Silent said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Elizabeth. My layperson's assessment is that the cut is healing well. I just hope she won't be left with a noticeable scar. I hear what you're saying about the injuries but nothing throws me for a loop like those seizures. I mean, they fry the brain every time.

jeannine nye said...

another brave mother who deals with such things daily..I found with my five that there were enough trials and tribulations without them being damaged, so I am respectful of your energy and positivity!!... I hope she was not scarred, and that she remains so delightful despite the seizures.. hugs from across the pond. J

The Sound of the Silent said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Jeannine. Her gash healed really nicely as today's photo attests. But other trials and tribulations keep us weary.