Friday, July 31, 2015

Lumos musings

This week our region reaped more that its fair share of good news regarding disabilities. I'm sorry if that's left some of your parts bereft of any. One thing I can assure you: it had nothing to do with me.

It was mostly thanks to our minister of health who suddenly decided that medicinal cannabis will hitherto be available at regular pharmacies. You know, those shops that currently sell you every other drug but cannabis. Where this will leave our current supplier, located in another city, is not clear. Out of business, is one likely possibility.

Anyway, this minister has, in one fell swoop, made the hubby's life much simpler as he has been making a three hour trip every month to collect C.'s cannabis. (There are once monthly deliveries made to our city but for the last few months our supply has run out before the delivery date.)

The second good news item involves J.K. Rowling's anti-institutionalization organization, Lumos. I've written about it here and later.

I'm always wishing that our country would win some if its attention. After all, we're cursed with a widespread respect and support for the institutionalization of children with disabilities from both the powers that be and the masses. One network of such facilities grabs a lion's share of available funds to further its activities.

Well, it seems that several months ago the director of Lumos, Georgette Mulheir visited my country to address members of several organizations that assist people with cognitive disabilities. I'm sorry I missed her but will try to learn what the upshot of that event was. Was this influential network mentioned? What goals were set for change in my country? 

I've got a transcript of her talk and will share excerpts in my next post.


Elizabeth said...

Wow. Great news on the availability of cannbis! And thanks for the link about Lumos. I had never heard of such an organization and look forward to exploring more.

The Sound of the Silent said...

I'm sure you'll be impressed with what you learn about Lumos. I believe they are the only organization in the world that focuses exclusively on the eradication of institutionalization without waffling.

Here, for example, even the anti-institutionalization activists speak of "offering a variety of options" i.e. keep some institutions open. I find it infuriating. And, yes, I can't wait to pick up our first batch of cannabis at the pharmacy.