Sunday, June 21, 2015

Fantasy is not all that fantastic

That's my C., floating on her back today
The relief over C.'s latest blood work seems to have infiltrated my subconscious. The result was a very happy dream last night. It was yet another version of a fantasy that visits me about once a year. In it, C. is either perfectly healthy or just better than she is. She either talks or walks or both.

Last night I saw her walking independently and pointing to her facial features as I name them. My subconscious was careful to fantasize realistically. So C.'s walking was imperfect, her pointing wasn't utterly precise and she wasn't verbal.

The dream had me meeting my super-hero pediatrician shortly after these dramatic developments. But I refrain from sharing the news with him lest he burst my bubble by warning that the improvement could prove fleeting.

These recurrent fantasies are very annoying. I wake up disappointed and struggle to re-digest the grim reality.

Later this morning, at the start of C.'s hydro session, while I was in the corridor, I overheard her therapist exclaiming "Terrific! Terrific!" I hastened back to the pool and snapped C. demonstrating one of her real feats (above): kicking-after-a-fashion while floating on her back.

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