Friday, February 6, 2015

Following an EEG

A summary of C.'s EEG results arrived by snail this week. Needless to say, some of it was Greek to us but the following unambiguous phrases sufficed for a whopping downer.
Slow Waves - A general slowing of the background
Epileptic activity -  Sharp spikes and sharp waves were evident in many areas in an unconditional manner - P3, F4, F8, O2, T5, T3, O1
No seizures seen
Diagnosis: This is an abnormal EEG. It registered multi-focal interictal epileptic activity but with no seizures. This is an abnormal EEG both due to the lack of organization of background activity and a general slowing. The general slowing indicates general impaired brain function".
The news has had me revisit the question of how hard to work with C. Are my efforts. to push her forward trumped by that "general slowing". The words sound  mild and vague but convey such a devastating verdict for C.

The report did not compare this EEG with her last so I just called the office to ask whether that could be done. The secretary explained that comparisons are never made. I explained back that since C. is on a new drug is would be helpful to make one. She said she'd relay that to the neurologist.

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