Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cannabis update (another)

You may have noticed my omission of our own C.'s reaction to cannabis which I have been studiously avoiding. There's a sound reason for that. Many years ago, C. was enjoying an improvement in her epilepsy. At a visit to her neurologist, I was about to share the good news when she hastily put a hand to her mouth: "Shh. Don't say it. Leave it at that."

If that most senior of neurologists - today head of the department - feared the jinx, then who am I to ignore it?

So I'll leave you with that broad hint and just add that I would now love to also see a bit of improvement in C.'s functioning.

UPDATE August 26: Today I saw more seizures than in the past three days combined. Since we are still raising the dosage and haven't reached a high one yet, I'm still hopeful. The ratio of the oil we're giving is 6:1 which, I know from Elizabeth Aquino's blog is pathetically low. She finds that 25:1 is the most efficacious for her daughter, Sophie. When I next speak to the advising nurse, I'll raise this matter.

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