Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Updates on C.

Last week the school nurse alerted me to red spots - a couple fluid-filled - on C.'s hands.

She has had such spots before - albeit fewer - but they always disappeared without treatment so I pointed that out to the nurse... But she called again a few days later trotting out the "possibly contagious" card and I couldn't brush her off anymore.

So we dutifully brought C. to pediatrician that day - we hadn't been to him for a couple of years. He obliges us with phone diagnoses and treatments whenever possible. After examining C. his hunch-diagnosis was a drug reaction but since he wasn't certain  he sent us to the dermatologist. It's usually a 3 month wait to see him but thanks to our saint of a pediatrician we got in the very next day.

Fortunately, the verdict was it's not a drug reaction - with her seizure tally finally dropping I would have hated to change meds again. Instead he found a fungal infection on C.'s feet which he believes was causing some of the hand spots. But a couple of the hand spots didn't fit that diagnosis so he thought it could also be some contact dermatitis with a touch of chilblains. A true dermatological salad.

Needless to say, we'll be smearing away on the extremities for some weeks.

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