Wednesday, March 26, 2014

They call this "education"

You may remember the dumping ground at C.'s  school officially known  as "the sports room". I have repeatedly found students deposited there in swings unattended by any staff members, unrestrained, in clear danger of falling and - in one instance - half naked.

In response, I have requested from the teacher and aide that C. never be placed in any of the sports room equipment "just because..."

After finding C. in the swing several weeks later, I calmly repeated the request. I was afraid to give my reasons, namely: I suspect she'll be left unsupervised and fall and even if she were supervised it seems a pointless, boring way for anybody to spend long periods of time. (The staff tend to dump the children there for an hour or so.)

With children who can never report to parents about mistreatment, we must be wary of criticizing the staff.

Yesterday, the following sign appeared on the sports room door: "Please do not enter this room until further notice."

Could my fears of an accident have eventuated?

With that venue off limits, and with spring debuting this week, C.'s teacher and aides have resorted to this outdoor courtyard (photo above) instead. Today I found three of C.'s classmates out there alone, doing - well, precisely what the students do most of the day: nothing at all.

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