Sunday, December 8, 2013

The forgotten day

From the New York Times
This oversight is really inexcusable.

I learned about International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 7, - four days late. But I won't dump the full blame on my own faulty radar.

Because in these parts, not a word about the day was written on a single one of our news sites.

Where were the local organizations supposedly devoted to advancing equal rights and inclusion for people with disabilities? Where were the press releases they should have disseminated to note the day? Why was this golden awareness-raising opportunity squandered?

I should note that the most recent mention of the date in a local newspaper was from December 3, 2012. So it isn't that they're ignorant of the day; they just chose,
en masse, to ignore it this year. Which probably signals regress rather than progress.

So while some have referred to December 3rd as a day of celebration, that's the last word that comes to my mind.

Instead I consider this a day to re-gird ourselves for the struggles ahead; re-set our goals and remind our communities of the hidden, silent minority that includes our children.

Here's hoping I do so in a timely fashion next year!

And speaking of fashion, here is a video clip called "Because who is perfect?" about a novel, moving commemoration of the day.

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