Thursday, January 17, 2013

Information please?

Our appointment for C. with her pediatric. neurologist is approaching and we're wide open to suggestions for tackling her stubborn seizures now averaging 6 per day, lasting about 30-40 seconds each..

The neurologists seem to have wearied of attempts to improve C. They'll only try something if we prod them toward a specific change.

This is is C.'s  current medication regimen:
  • Neurontin (= Gabapentin): 300 mg./3x day
  • Rivotril (= Clonazepam): 11 drops/3x day
  • Inovelon (= Rufinamide): 400 mg/2x day
  • And a modified form of the Ketogenic Diet.
C. weighs about 30 kg.

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