Monday, December 24, 2012

Reaping a reward, paying a price

Here is a must-read story of sibling devotion and inclusion of a disabled child. While reported several weeks ago in the US, it only reached my local news last night.

They say kids can be cruel but some can be pretty selfless too.

The single misgiving I had after hearing about this remarkable boy is that my own C. does not enjoy that sort of devotion from her siblings. The one sister who adored her and spent time with her died some years ago.

I have never, ever come close to rebuking my other children for ignoring C. I understand how difficult it is to relate to somebody who only minimally responds - or, sometimes doesn't at all.

I am also aware of the price they've paid due to her disabilities: my frequent unavailability to them while they were kids, our family's financial hardships because, consumed with C.'s care, I haven't worked.

And now, as adults, they have the lack of a diagnosis for C. hanging over them; could it be genetic, even though every genetic test we've done thus far has been negative? This is undoubtedly a hefty concern for them as they plan/have their own children.

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